The assination of Steven Sotloff – Numerology secrets


How the birth date of the person indicate his future..

Lets talk about recent incident of the American Journalist Steven Sotloff kidnapped by the terrorist organization ISIS and killed by them.

He was born on 11th May 1983. If one just concentrates on his birth date 11 – the hidden meaning of this number. As per cheiro mentions in his book……..

Birth date 11..

This is an ominous number to occultists. It gives warning of hidden dangers, trial and treachery from others. It has a symbol of “a Clenched Hand” and “a Lion Muzzled” and of a person who will have great difficulties to contend against.
Let me try to find as to how much the above sentences match to Steven’s life events.

The first sentence indicates that this number is ominous (inauspicious). I would like take you to the note mentioned in Wikipedia by Janine Di Giovanni on the hint of this inauspicious circumstances “Janine Di Giovanni, the Middle East editor of Newsweek, told CNN, “he was concerned that he had been on some kind of a list, and this had been around the time that ISIS had been showing up and taking over checkpoints that had been manned before by the rebels. And he thought he had angered some of the rebels, he did not know which once, by taking footage of a hospital in Aleppo that had been bombed, and he had been very concerned about this. This is what the second sentence mentioned “It gives warning of hidden  dangers, trial and treachery from others.”

The last but not the least sentence “it has a symbol of a Clenched hand and a Lion Muzzled.” This foretells about the situation that he faced after his kidnap till death. ISIS turns out to be the Lion Muzzled from which he could not escape and thus succumbed.

As per his date of birth, he comes under the vibration of Moon, Neptune and Venus. He was kidnapped on 4th August 2013, here one of his interchangeable number (1 & 4) followed on the date, month, and year. Even his last video of his assassination which was released on 2nd September 2014, if observe the date 2, (11 = 1 + 1 = 2), it clearly indicates at how his own birth number followed him.


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