We provide paid services to our clients. We provide Complete Palmistry Reading,  Numerology Reading, Numerology Match Making  and Palmistry Match Making. The match making services will include Match Making in Partnership, Friendship, Business, Love & Marriage.

If you opt for any of services, we give you the complete analysis of the said question covering the past, present and the future.  We do not believe in giving one line answer to your questions as most often other people do because we value your money.

Complete Palmistry Reading

In complete palm reading, you will get report about your past, your present and your future. These all will be detailed descriptions with age as to when the even had happened or will happen. This report would not just be based on your palm prints but it would be a culmination of your palm print and your date of birth (numerology). This reading also covers predictions of all the events that are going to happen in your lifetime even including death. Whatever questions you have, you have to send them once. You can send as many questions as possible, but it should be sent the first time itself. Once the report is submitted, no more questions will be entertained.

All reports will be send to your email id.


Numerology Reading

The complete numerology reading will include analysis of your character, your health, finance, and information related to events that happened or will happen in specific ages, your lucky dates, colors, numbers, months and so on.

Match Making

The report will include complete and comprehensive description of all the facets of compatibility like character, nature, date of birth in numerology match making, influence of planets, etc.

Note: For all the type of services, contact us through our email ID

Full Palm Reading

Now we offer the full palmistry reading at Rs.2000.00 only. For out of India customers, please pay as per the current value of your countries currency to India.

Now you can pay us through Paypal. Chose the service for which you would like to pay for and click Pay Now. Once after payment send us across the transaction image or id to our email address.

If in any case, you do not have PayPal ID, write to us at We will provide you the bank details.

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Pay Rs.2000.00 (app 34$) for complete palm reading

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