North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un – What His Thumb Says

Kim Jong Un Palm Thumb Reading

The first phalange of the Thumb in the hands of North Korean leader Kim Jong, as per palmistry we call it Will. So many palmists research as per their concerns and work on this first phalange of Thumb and mention the characters and function of the subject’s brain as per the circumstances.

In my own readings, I found one or two subjects have this unique formation of the first phalange of the Thumb.

I would like to mention an interesting situation when I was in Bangalore and was participating in a weekly event where I offered palm reading to people, one of the person who came for the reading, when he spread his palm, my eyes was stuck on his first phalange of the Thumb. I was little bit scared as to how to start, took 5 minutes to go over his whole hand. For God sake, I found two distinctions on comparing his palms and it was in the Heart line. I worked on the heart line and tried to found what his Heart line says.

In his left palm, the mount of Mars was in its peak stage, which indicates his born quality. He belonged to the family where crime was priority. However, the most interesting thing happened was when he fell in Love which was clearly indicated in his right palm.

First, I conveyed his childhood circumstances, what he was and I came to that turning point which changed his life style and he is became noble men.

Suddenly he took his hands away and rashly tapped on the table; I was scared as to what wrong I have told. He told me that whatever I have predicted on his past and the turning point was true.

What I read his right palm, I explained him how badly he fell in love with one of the fine woman but she refused because he was a rowdy. This changed his way of living and thinking and he stopped all such work and started a new business and helping needy people.

It is very interesting to note that the features on which I was able to predict him as rowdy was because his first phalange of the thumb which was very thick and short. In the book of Practical Palmistry, the author mentions about this kind of Thumb phalange “A coarse heavy looking thumb tip goes with a nature in which the qualities of tact and diplomacy are conspicuous only by their absence. It is short, signifying a lack of self-control, and squat. An extreme of this formation is traditionally known as the murderer’s thumb”.

I found the same formation of the Thumb in the hands of North Korean leader Kim Jong. I will further study his whole hand I wish the same thing would happen in his life also which would save millions of people from a probable nuclear holocaust and in turn will save and bring North Korean in a speedy developmental mode.

Wait for upcoming article about him in details.

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