Influence of Finger Length over each other – Palmistry

little finger

Here I would like to give you an example as to how the length of the fingers denote the nature of the person accurately and how the length of one fingers influence the another.

Here I took one of my client image. I know her very well as she was my classmate and we both studied in university for 3 years, When i got her hand prints and i tried to find similarities in her nature through her palm lines. here i want to explain how tremendously her fingers indicated her nature…….

Lets talk about her first finger, it is longĀ  as compared to Sun finger. As per Palmistry if the first finger is long and straight it denotes power and command over others but in her case i never saw her to be dominant person. But when I concentrated on her little finger, it tells a totally opposite story. Her little finger is short, which has influenced her dominant nature of the first finger. She hesitates to express her views and plans to others, for this reason some time people misunderstood her.

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