How length of the fingers indicate the good qualities (Godly nature) or bad qulaties (demon nature) of an individuals

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This matter is very useful in match making and its really works and help us to understand the nature of woman, how much she is dedicated to her work and family.

In my consultation room i find so many cases regarding relationship. Young guys have lot of trouble from life partners and loose interest.

When i studied in detail on this matter whether you believe it or not but I found out that the length of the fingers demonstrate the nature of the person accurately.

Here i take one of my clients hand print. she is married from the last 3 years, her husband and his family members are get lot of trouble from this lady.

Lets find how her fingers denote her characters. She is irresponsible and even she can not take care of her own baby.

Her fingers are thick and clumsy and even short which denotes that she is more or less cruel and selfish. Its really true that this lady did not even fed her own new born baby.

when I concentrated on her little finger, it indicated that she is a liar and even her head line indicates that she is the most dramatic (creating drama) person, its really true that she creates fake situations against her husband and his family members.

Palmistry is not an easy subject but one’s you go to the depth of knowledge, its really helps you. It protects you from risks and pains. With these kind of articles, I want to create awareness on this subject especially to people who really don’t have much knowledge about this.

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