Feature of Saintly hands

both hands Mothre teresa close image of both hands11


I compared saintly persons palm prints and try to find out the mystery behind their lines and find the similarity of shapes, Mounts, lines, fingers tips etc.

Here I am comparing two most famous saint personalities; one is Mother Teresa and other is Dalai lama.

Lets talk about the Mount of Venus in both hands.
This Mount of Venus is developed in both which may

indicate greater robustness of health and even it

considered for long life. Mother Teresa

leaved up to the age of 87 and Dalai Lama is still 79.

The influence of this Mount they have great taste in color, Music and Art. They are easily impressed or influenced by surroundings from people. They are warm hearted by nature.

Do you observed their Thumbs. Both have a strong thumb in their hands and have two strong phalanges; one is Will and other is Logic. It is really strange that they don’t have the LOVE phalange in their hand, How is it possible……? as we know they have spend their whole life as a peace makers and giving unconditional love. This is because, a love phalange indicates love relationship of a man with a woman. In this case, as both are saintly persons, the absence of love line indicates their fatherly and motherly love, but not the love that exists between a man and a woman in family relationships.


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