Down fall of the career …. Vijay Mallaya

vijay mallaya right hand

“Island on any part of the line of Sun which indicates destruction to position, success promised and public scandal”.

I try to explain the above sentence, through the example below to show as to how much accurate the above statement is.

Let me take the case of Mr Vijay Mallaya

He was born on a prominent businessman’s son and entered his family businesses in early age which is indicated in his right hand palm. The line of Destiny is too close with the Venus in both hands. There are two assumptions of this.

The first one it signifies that he was interned his fathers business at early age. The line of destiny was so thick and dark in color at the age of 26. At this movement a thin line of Sun rising from the fate line. This alone is an extraordinary indication of his unusual success and fame. This was the boom period of his life.

The second indication that he was not got happiness in affections.

His line of Head is leaning towards the Mount of Moon which generally indicates that he would become gambler, involve in betting and risky speculations by nature.

Lets talk about his Sun line – There is a very thin and straight line rising up to the Mount of Apollo from the fate line as per cherio mentioned that ” it increases whatever success is promised by that line. In most cases it means distinction of some kind from whatever date it leaves the line of Fate”. Yes its true in this case Mallya became the Chairman of United Breweries Group in 1983 at the age of 28, following his father’s death. Since then, the group has grown into a multi-national conglomerate of over 60 companies, with an annual turnover which increased by 64% over 15 years to US$11 billion.

At the termination of the Sun line there is an island which indicate his down fall of the brilliant career after the age of 42, he will be suffering from this downfall for some years.

What I predict about his career in my above sentence that he will be suffering from this downfall for some years. Today’s new paper I got some interesting matterĀ conceive with my prediction that Vijay Mallya drops out of Indian’s 100 richest club.

UB Group chairman Vijay Mallya is no longer a member of India’s 100 richest club, even as fortunes of the country’s uber-rich have seen a significant growth since last year.

Mallya, who has been declared as ‘wilful defaulter’ by lenders following huge debts on his Kingfisher Airlines, is missing from the Forbes latest list of 100 richest released on Thursday.

He was ranked at 84th position in 2013, with a net worth of USD 800 million. With a record USD 1 billion as the minimum net worth this year, as many as 11 persons dropped out of this year’s list including Mallya.


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